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make a very good wife

Posted on: Monday, March 3, 2008

My favourite way to procrastinate is by cleaning. This morning I avoided a looming essay by organizing my bookmarks. This led to further work avoidance because most of things I bookmarked are websites that are particularly amazing and that I completely forgot about. So, in an effort to get this blog rolling, I’m going to post my favourite bookmarked links this week.

READY? Okay, here is the first one: Here’s Looking At You. A short film about first impressions. My favourite is the man who describes a woman as passionate and concludes that she would make a good wife. Awesome.


3 Responses to "make a very good wife"

It’s not immediately obvious who’s made each post, maybe somehow that can be fixed? I’m not a brain, though, so I have no suggestions.

A neat little video. I like people at their most frank and honest. Thanks for spreading the procrastination =)

p.s. how do I begin to blog here with you guys?

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