enjoying the foliage

“I wondered if weeds had shitty moms and dads.”

Posted on: Thursday, April 3, 2008

Oh, I thought the internet ate this, but apparently it came back:

(1) One of my favourite blogs (not that I have many) is otherjoseph, which is written by a photography student in the Philippines. He has this way of making everything look spectacular and fresh and joyful and amazing and adjective adjective adjective. Not all of the time, of course, but when all my schoolwork involves worrying about the fate of human and non-human life as we know it, the lightheartedness and focus on life and just being can be refreshing. I’d put up an example but I don’t want to steal his photography or look like I’m trying to take credit for it. As though that would be believable anyway. Just trust me on this one okay.

(2) If there’s any institution I can really, truly believe in, it’s that of the public library. I went off those things at some point in high school when I got tired of the horrible collections in suburbia. Since then my student budget has been stretched to the limit by chronic and compulsive book-buying. Since moving to Toronto, I’ve figured the university library was all I needed, but yesterday on a whim I went for my first City of Toronto library card and it’s a frigging Whole New World. Books everywhere! What a utopian piece of loveliness.


2 Responses to "“I wondered if weeds had shitty moms and dads.”"

(1) That is some indecently gorgeous photography. Thanks!

(2) Do you have any reads to recommend?

I’ve found Value Village a good alternative for purchasing books. They’re about $2 each which is awesome, you just have to be patient and dig a little…This has been extra successful for me as I carelessly lug around books and accumulate library fines like it’s my job. Also, sometimes I just really love owning my books , then you can reread them and lend them to friends etc.

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