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How to make a vegan tofu meal unhealthy:

Posted on: Saturday, April 5, 2008

I was doing the catering for this peace-fair/info-fest at Ottawa U and one of the guys I was cooking with discovered this:

-one block of extra firm tofu chopped into half-inch cubes

-fried in more oil than you think you need

-enough cayenne pepper to kill you

-too much salt

-a few pinches of brown sugar to taste

And fry that all up until to tofu absorbs the spices and sugars. Not to take credit, I didn’t invent this. This tofu is good in curries, fried rice, and other thing.

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1 Response to "How to make a vegan tofu meal unhealthy:"

I made that shit you told me about last night for lunch. It’s good mainly because I used mango lime salsa.
Also I had an idea in which one day we’d all farm tomatoes (organic and non-GM of course) and then have our own brand of ketchup and salsa and it would really sweet and give us all this indie cred. Y/N/M??

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