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The Dumpster Chronicles Part 1

Posted on: Sunday, April 13, 2008

The best things in life are free.


After only very idle searches, in the past two weeks I’ve acquired two amazing things from various garbages in the city:

1) A whole baguette and two large, clear, sealed garbage bags of different varieties of loaves of artisan bread.

2) A fully functional blender.

I’m sure there are a billion better things out there waiting to be rescued.  I charge YOU with the task of finding and posting.  Go! SALVAGE!


4 Responses to "The Dumpster Chronicles Part 1"

Damn. The house does need a blender since the old one just cracked and fell apart. I will have to lurk around in the alleys behind Pan Chancho and grab their day-olds at least. Where did you find your blender though? Any tips?

The blender was actually among the recycling bins behind my apartment. I’ve seen other things that might appeal to others thrown away there too, like a floor lamp and an entire set of cookbooks. Besides homes of the relatively affluent, I hear Shoppers Drug Mart is a good place to look. Other than that, I’m fairly noobish myself.
Good luck!

That’s amazing! Plan: dumpster/roadside searches this summer in T.O?

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