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Dispatches from the first week of summer vacation

Posted on: Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dispatch 1: Watching Keeping the Faith on Citytv late at night with complete disregard of the time or the mediocrity of the movie.

Have I ever told you about my feelings about Edward Norton?

So, I’m kind of in love with Edward Norton. I am watching Keeping the Faith right now, completely infatuated. It is likely that I will talk someone into watching The Incredible Hulk with me this summer in theatres, despite the fact that I find a large green ogre man a pretty useless superhero, just to soak myself in the Norton.

How is your summer going?

EDIT – Check out this GOOD Mag video about Friends of the High Line, starring none other than our favourite Fight Club alumnus. The High Line is an unused rail structure that runs through New York. It was saved from demolition in 2001 and is currently being transformed into a public park. I am so enamoured by projects that offer an overlap between urban and “green” spaces. It makes my little geeky heart swell and gives me some hope for the future.


3 Responses to "Dispatches from the first week of summer vacation"

Hell yes!

I remember watching Keeping the Faith with Julie Daniel at her birthday sleepover or something like that way back in elementary school. Wow, that was like millions of years ago, when I didn’t really know who Edward Norton and Ben Stiller were.

I’m a fan of tough-guy Edward Norton taking beatings in Fight Club and The 25th Hour.

Summer is…okay. I have an office and send out a lot of emails every day.

I watched this awesome documentary on the National Geographic channel a week or so ago called Strange Things on Planet Earth – it combined two of my more favourite topics – invading species and Lake Victoria. And today I found out who did such a spectacular job narrating it – none other than Edward Norton!

He can have my heart. I was born to be a zoologist.

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