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Cultural Enrichment I

Posted on: Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Because I’m stuck in my wicked little town for the summer and know all of five people, I’ve begun a curriculum of cultural enrichment for myself. I rented DVDs from Classic Video down the street for the first time last night and started off with Wong Kar Wai’s Chungking Express.

I think I’ll report back here from time to time with my cultural adventures, but I’ve grown out of the days where I had obnoxious opinions about everything and was just a general loudmouth in her own little corner of the internet, so no full on reviews this time. It’ll suffice to say that Chungking is hilarious, disorienting, beautiful, and made me laugh out loud quite frequently and gesticulate widely to no one at times. It was also nice to know that as far as girls vying for the attention of some cute boy go, I’m not that crazy. I haven’t bought goldfish and broken into anyone’s apartment yet. I don’t talk to my bar of soap and project my sorrows on to it either. Maybe this film isn’t the best way to measure my sanity, but it’s great nonetheless.


4 Responses to "Cultural Enrichment I"

Great! We’re rabid fans of Wong Kar Wai too!

after you do these little features, you should comment on whom you’d recommend them for (if anyone).

That’s a good idea. I don’t know if I’d recommend Chungking to anyone specifically, but here’s what I can say: this is definitely a film that you can watch alone and enjoy on a quiet night in. I don’t know if it’s really a group film, but then again, I like watching things alone the first time for a lot of things.
It has an unusually arty feel for a Hong Kong film, but it’s not really pretentious or anything – it’s weird but very fun in its own way. For me, I guess, it’s a film for commiseration. Wong Kar Wai says to me, “Yes, we are all lonely, crazy people sometimes, and that’s okay.” So, put this on when all your friends have gone away for the weekend or something, and there just doesn’t seem to be anyone to call up to talk to.

It has Takeshi Kaneshiro. How could it be bad.

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