enjoying the foliage

The past few days have consisted, among other things, of…

  • Accidentally eating a dish with peanut oil and puking all night (when will I learn?!);
  • (Temporarily) losing not one but two sets of keys;
  • Sitting in not one but two vintage fighter plane cockpits;
  • Having my backpack infested with cockroaches;
  • Getting drenched to the bone in a sudden torrential downpour;
  • Suddenly coming into an unexpected $3000;
  • Getting a free box of mushrooms;
  • Having my beloved new bike stolen;
  • Spending a day with addicts, overweight people and other fringe folk;
  • Soaking my computer and therefore all my music, movies and school documents to death (hopefully temporarily);
  • Watching a snail lay a long chain of eggs on a deflated, child sized football.

Woo hoo.


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Oh dear. I hope that your computer dries out, if nothing else.

Maybe you have other tech savvy friends closer to Toronto? 😛

That sucks about your computer! This seems to be the year of everyone soaking their laptops. The only thing that helped mine is unscrewing everything and taking as much as you can out and just letting it dry for a few days. My laptop recovered but it’s still kind of messed up and can’t work on battery anymore. How did you get cockroaches in your bag?

According to my friends, so long as you don’t turn the poor thing on and let things dry – like take things apart and put them in front of a fan for a few hours, even – everything should be good. Apparently water doesn’t do any damage. It’s just the short-circuiting that might happen when the laptop is on.

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