enjoying the foliage

moshi moshi!

Posted on: Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Guys, I’m in Japan and it’s amazing. I am entertaining thoughts of moving here at some point in the next couple of years, though I have no idea how much of a possibility that would be. I will write up a huge blog entry when I get back, the contents of which will include:

– how lovely everyone is

– traveling ALONE in a foreign country, all Kerouac-inspired

– buying clothing in Japan

– getting around with no knowledge of Japanese

– globalisation/MNCs

Proof that I, or at least my feet, are in Japan.

Proof that I, or at least my big feet, are in Japan.

I’ll be back on the 14th!


2 Responses to "moshi moshi!"

If you can, visit Muji. It is where I want to buy ALL of my clothing.

Obviously the only country that has lilypads is Japan. That is hard proof right there 😛

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