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Science! Live! Rice! Free!

Posted on: Friday, July 4, 2008

With my long-winded first post out of the way, I can now get down to the srs bizznez of sharing awesome links.

LiveScience. This is a site of the latest and most interesting advances in science written in very accessible language. This is where I go to find out the latest on cloaking devices (coming soon to a military near you) and to look at really damn weird fish. The site has changed recently to include ads and reader comments, but both are easy enough to ignore. (The reader comments really should be ignored, for the most part.) All in all, a good starting point to find out about Cool Science Thanngs. 😀

FreeRice. A word-defining game where every correct answer means 20 grains of rice towards the UN World Food Program. I can’t think of a better concept.

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1 Response to "Science! Live! Rice! Free!"

I fucking love both weird fish AND the x-men. I’m in.

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