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7 billion nations of one

Posted on: Monday, August 11, 2008

So I have lots of things to say about being in old country, but what I feel like mentioning briefly right now is the matrimonials section of one of the large papers here.

Yes, yes, it’s a meatmarket, and totally plays to the stereotype. It’s pretty ridiculous. Kind of comical. What is deeply, deeply, interesting however, is how much sheer diversity there is. It’s almost a billion people so there must be, of course. But how many times do you read of a 30 year old female Muslim officer in the Indian military?

I tell you, personal ads are a great way to keep one’s finger on the pulse of society.


2 Responses to "7 billion nations of one"

As you would well know…browsing the personals on craigslist for fun. Geez. =P

Man, I’m kind of jealous, though I know you aren’t in India under the best of circumstances. What city are you in? If you are in Chennai you can visit my family.

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