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First day of school

Posted on: Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How was yours?

Like all those pictures I have of myself from every year of elementary school, except smirkier.


4 Responses to "First day of school"

My first class lasted 5 minutes and will probably be the easiest class ever. My second is taught by a god. How was yours?

No one likes histology – that’s how mine went. Although, I am taking two classes intended to span the great divide between undergraduate and graduate couses – meaning, that if I play my cards right, I could get as many as three separate journal articles with my name on it published this semester.

I only had 2 hours of class because my practicals don’t start this week. I had all of the rest of my classes by yesterday though, and am now completely overwhelmed by the massive amounts of reading I have to do. oh, school.

I had my first class ever with fewer than 100 people! It was great. There will be discussions and actual learning.
Everything seems really manageable so far, but things will pick up, and fast.

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