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off the hook

Posted on: Thursday, October 2, 2008

I completely acknowledge the fact that my blogging has devolved into mostly “the internet is sooo cool! check this out!” I promise I’m going to move on to actually content (eventually). But really, McSweeney’s is too awesome to not share. So, um, czech this: Dudes! Did you See the Library They’ve Got Here?

My favourite part:

I’ll sit down at a table across from the big glass windows in the second-floor lounge, so I can get a bit of reflection, check myself out. Maybe catch some chicks checking me out, too. I’ll be all cool and stuff—I’ll have my headphones on, with Nickelback going, and I’ll just keep turning pages. But I’ll know they’re watching. Getting totally hot for my mind.

Har har.


6 Responses to "off the hook"

That’s pretty true to life.

I think it depends on how science-y the library is.

It is in my flaky ‘verse.

I don’t get McSweeney’s. Does that make me dumb?

“Fucking Dewey decimal, man. It’s tight.”

That’s high quality, but personally, I like working at home.

No Lisa, I think it just makes you less of a dork.

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