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Rather than reading Wittgenstein’s prophetic pronouncements on philosophy and the world on Friday night, I went to see a movie with my friend Adam. It was a vampire movie, and it wasn’t Twilight. You can deduce a priori from these facts that it was a film far superior to the preachy, misogynistic, goth-lite fodder that all the world’s fourteen-year-olds have been lining up to see lately. It’s called Let the Right One In, and you might be able to find it at your local indie-flick haunt.

There is just something about Swedish winters, playground love, and bloodsucking that is deeply horrifying and yet very good from a cushy movie-theatre seat. The film features smatterings of gore, yes – self-mutilation, exsanguination, immolation – but these tidbits aren’t what leave you in want of a hug when the credits roll. It’s all about the understated love and pain, the strange and demanding moral entanglements of being twelve and a bit of a bloodsucker. It’s a lonely, messy, and desperate sort of life.