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Yes, I am aware of the somewhat unnerving lyrics of this song. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to stop listening to it.

They’re Harvard grads, apparently.


In the midst of today’s snowstorm I got my wisdom teeth removed. I couldn’t imagine my face any rounder, but it is, and I very closely resemble a very greedy, geeky (the glasses) chipmunk with a ponytail. When I got home and I was waiting for my mom to come back from the pharmacy with pills, I experienced the most intense, excruciating pain ever and curled up in a little sobbing ball. Realization: I can be kind of a baby. Luckily, I now have a steady stream of ibuprofen and codeine. How did people manage to have teeth pulled before the advent of modern medicine? Huge shout out to whatever let me be born in the 20th century. And I get the internet. Score.

I can say that the procedure itself was pretty smooth though. I don’t have very much fear for medical things, and had a good time with the nitrous oxide. I was put completely under, and the last thing I remember was attempting to calculate how much money my orthodontist makes from doing wisdom teeth extractions. Apparently he does one an hour every day around this time of year, and charges $1700 each. Jeez.

Anyway, what are your wisdom teeth stories? From telling people about getting them out this past week, I know everyone loves sharing them. I have enormous amounts of baking I want to do next week and I’m willing myself to get over being able to only eat slurpy liquid things asap. Getting over my face looking like a bouncy ball with a nose would also be cool. Also, I need movie suggestions, because at this rate it looks like I’ll be curled up in my living room for at least another day. Go!

I am SO RELIEVED. Things are going to be awesome, guys. Congrats Americans, you did it!

I completely acknowledge the fact that my blogging has devolved into mostly “the internet is sooo cool! check this out!” I promise I’m going to move on to actually content (eventually). But really, McSweeney’s is too awesome to not share. So, um, czech this: Dudes! Did you See the Library They’ve Got Here?

My favourite part:

I’ll sit down at a table across from the big glass windows in the second-floor lounge, so I can get a bit of reflection, check myself out. Maybe catch some chicks checking me out, too. I’ll be all cool and stuff—I’ll have my headphones on, with Nickelback going, and I’ll just keep turning pages. But I’ll know they’re watching. Getting totally hot for my mind.

Har har.

Fleet Foxes and these Swedish girls.


How was yours?

Like all those pictures I have of myself from every year of elementary school, except smirkier.

1. I got back from Japan last Monday. I had wonderful company and a fabulous time. Coming home was awfully dull and made worse by the fact that I had terrible jet lag that lasted me almost an entire week. I had nothing of real purpose to do last week outside of going to class for one day and catching up on studying, so I ended up succumbing to the midday sleepiness. I had drive my mom to work once and she actually made me pull over and slap myself awake. I think I finally got over it because I was at a conference over the weekend that forced me to be functional and interact with people over the entire course of the day that involved sunlight. But this bout of jet lag wasn’t as bad as in second year, when I came back from a trip to India in January and ended up with vampire-like sleep schedules for an entire month. I don’t have any recollection of how I managed to study for most of second semester. Conclusion: a) your SCN is a powerful thing, b) do blind people have significant jet lag?, and c) I miss Japan.

2. A friend I made whilst in Japan told me about this design website called NOTCOT. After finally remembering what it was called yesterday, I paid a visit. Fatefully, the first thing I saw was my name plastered across the website. Seriously! I’d heard of this skincare line before, but figured it was a little drugstore brand in India, perhaps to be found next to the bottles of coconut oil and Closeup toothpaste exports at the tiny Indian grocery shop about two minutes from my house. In other words, nothing to exclaim about. But now I can own a bottle of face wash with my name on it, that I may actually like. Natural, eco-friendly, prettily packaged! Perhaps it will become famous, like Aveda, and a spa will open at every Square One-equivalent in every suburb, and I won’t have to explain to people how to say my name anymore. How strange would that be?

And on a (slightly) related note, the Pratimas on the internet are designers, artists, decorators, and professors professing corporate social responsibility. We aren’t a bad bunch, I think.

3. Apart from a few odd hours a week, I’m not really working for the rest of the summer. I’ve been looking for things to do to occupy my time. Today, I stopped by Chapters to pick up a “Teach Yourself Hindi!” package with a CD. Recently I’ve been feeling pitiful about my inability to speak any second language with any measure of proficiency, and figured that learning Hindi has the highest potential for success (also I think it sounds awesome, and would be helpful for Bollywood viewing). The lessons in the language text I bought are entirely based around this soapy story about a “foreigner” named Pratap from Nepal (?) visiting a family in India and falling in love with the teenage daughter, or something. Awesome.

I’ve also investigated volunteering with a couple of environmental NGOs in Mississauga. I’m hoping it’ll workout.

4. And finally, you may have seen this floating around already today (it was on Kottke), but I’m so amused that I’m linking it here too. Fonts at a Font Conference! Wingdings<3.