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No, but seriously.

I have a store as of today. It is in cyberspace.   It is in the matrix.   It is in virtual reality.   The ideological ramifications of this are blowing my mind a bit.

Etsy on its own is a really interesting convalescence of mainstream industrial capitalism and DIY-ish local economics.   In a sense, my store maybe epitomises this a bit because, other than things like thread and elastic that are hard to reclaim, I don’t use new materials, period.

Anyway, k8000000 designs currently features reworked women’s apparel of the kind that I would wear or that maybe I would wear if I were an ever so slightly different person, or the kind that I would wear if I didn’t already have too many clothes.  BUT.  I would really like input, any and all custom orders, and suggestions!!  I want this more than sales (and sales would make me very very happy, of course) because I am just one person living in one bubble and I can’t possibly tap all the ideas and desires and knowledge out there.  This whole thing is also turning out to be a really big learning experience for me, and there are a lot of areas I can improve, and I have a feeling that anyone reading this and their extended networks might have a lot to say.

So, here are my requests:

1) Please tell me what you think/want/would like to see!

2) If you see anything that you like, or that you know someone who would like, please spread the word!

From the depths of my vegetable heart, thank you!

Also,  unique new pieces will be added at least a couple times a week, so if you are interested, stay tuned!


If this were real, I would become the most hardcore football fan. Immediately.

While BC and RB were up to no good in my kitchen, I decided to cook up my own fun with slightly stale seaweed sheets.  As I expected, there are websites devoted to this kind of thing, the internet being what it is, but I thought it up independently and found the results highly delicious.

Modelling cred to B.

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“Law never made men a whit more just; and, by means of their respect for it, even the well-disposed are daily made the agents of injustice.” – Thoreau

Coming back from where a sloppy and ill-composed picture taken any random place while bouncing around on horseback comes out like this, it’s hard to figure out whether I’m dreaming that I’m back in civilization, or whether the dream was the jungle foray.


Hello from Costa Rica!

The farm is a land of extreme mountains, extreme cliffs, extreme green, and extreme blackouts and water offages and bad roads.  Volunteers come and go.  We ride horses.  People get injured.  There are crises.  A bug peed on my leg and gave me this giant burning rash.  It´s pretty awesome.

¿See you soon?

The past few days have consisted, among other things, of…

  • Accidentally eating a dish with peanut oil and puking all night (when will I learn?!);
  • (Temporarily) losing not one but two sets of keys;
  • Sitting in not one but two vintage fighter plane cockpits;
  • Having my backpack infested with cockroaches;
  • Getting drenched to the bone in a sudden torrential downpour;
  • Suddenly coming into an unexpected $3000;
  • Getting a free box of mushrooms;
  • Having my beloved new bike stolen;
  • Spending a day with addicts, overweight people and other fringe folk;
  • Soaking my computer and therefore all my music, movies and school documents to death (hopefully temporarily);
  • Watching a snail lay a long chain of eggs on a deflated, child sized football.

Woo hoo.