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I completely acknowledge the fact that my blogging has devolved into mostly “the internet is sooo cool! check this out!” I promise I’m going to move on to actually content (eventually). But really, McSweeney’s is too awesome to not share. So, um, czech this: Dudes! Did you See the Library They’ve Got Here?

My favourite part:

I’ll sit down at a table across from the big glass windows in the second-floor lounge, so I can get a bit of reflection, check myself out. Maybe catch some chicks checking me out, too. I’ll be all cool and stuff—I’ll have my headphones on, with Nickelback going, and I’ll just keep turning pages. But I’ll know they’re watching. Getting totally hot for my mind.

Har har.


1. I got back from Japan last Monday. I had wonderful company and a fabulous time. Coming home was awfully dull and made worse by the fact that I had terrible jet lag that lasted me almost an entire week. I had nothing of real purpose to do last week outside of going to class for one day and catching up on studying, so I ended up succumbing to the midday sleepiness. I had drive my mom to work once and she actually made me pull over and slap myself awake. I think I finally got over it because I was at a conference over the weekend that forced me to be functional and interact with people over the entire course of the day that involved sunlight. But this bout of jet lag wasn’t as bad as in second year, when I came back from a trip to India in January and ended up with vampire-like sleep schedules for an entire month. I don’t have any recollection of how I managed to study for most of second semester. Conclusion: a) your SCN is a powerful thing, b) do blind people have significant jet lag?, and c) I miss Japan.

2. A friend I made whilst in Japan told me about this design website called NOTCOT. After finally remembering what it was called yesterday, I paid a visit. Fatefully, the first thing I saw was my name plastered across the website. Seriously! I’d heard of this skincare line before, but figured it was a little drugstore brand in India, perhaps to be found next to the bottles of coconut oil and Closeup toothpaste exports at the tiny Indian grocery shop about two minutes from my house. In other words, nothing to exclaim about. But now I can own a bottle of face wash with my name on it, that I may actually like. Natural, eco-friendly, prettily packaged! Perhaps it will become famous, like Aveda, and a spa will open at every Square One-equivalent in every suburb, and I won’t have to explain to people how to say my name anymore. How strange would that be?

And on a (slightly) related note, the Pratimas on the internet are designers, artists, decorators, and professors professing corporate social responsibility. We aren’t a bad bunch, I think.

3. Apart from a few odd hours a week, I’m not really working for the rest of the summer. I’ve been looking for things to do to occupy my time. Today, I stopped by Chapters to pick up a “Teach Yourself Hindi!” package with a CD. Recently I’ve been feeling pitiful about my inability to speak any second language with any measure of proficiency, and figured that learning Hindi has the highest potential for success (also I think it sounds awesome, and would be helpful for Bollywood viewing). The lessons in the language text I bought are entirely based around this soapy story about a “foreigner” named Pratap from Nepal (?) visiting a family in India and falling in love with the teenage daughter, or something. Awesome.

I’ve also investigated volunteering with a couple of environmental NGOs in Mississauga. I’m hoping it’ll workout.

4. And finally, you may have seen this floating around already today (it was on Kottke), but I’m so amused that I’m linking it here too. Fonts at a Font Conference! Wingdings<3.


With my long-winded first post out of the way, I can now get down to the srs bizznez of sharing awesome links.

LiveScience. This is a site of the latest and most interesting advances in science written in very accessible language. This is where I go to find out the latest on cloaking devices (coming soon to a military near you) and to look at really damn weird fish. The site has changed recently to include ads and reader comments, but both are easy enough to ignore. (The reader comments really should be ignored, for the most part.) All in all, a good starting point to find out about Cool Science Thanngs. 😀

FreeRice. A word-defining game where every correct answer means 20 grains of rice towards the UN World Food Program. I can’t think of a better concept.

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Not to alienate the little sausage we have on this blog – which is oddly mostly women compared to our high school – but I have discovered new avenues of usefulness for the internet for all the women out there who can’t count, don’t remember or have to make up oddly convoluted systems to keep track. From their website:


Mon.thly.Info is a simple tool to help you keep track of your menstrual cycles. Each time you start your period, add the date to your Mon.thly account, and it will use your history to predict the next time your cycle will start. This provides you with a record of your menstrual cycles, which can be an important addition to your medical history. If you want, Mon.thly will also email you a customized reminder before or on your next estimated start date.”


Sheer brilliance.


P.S. I waffled, as you can see, with titles for this post. Plz comment with your own clever one-sentence introduction for this fantastic innovation. And applaud Al Gore for basically, inventing the Internet.


Hey guys,

I’ve started a new blog to document my newly vegetarian ways. Visit sometime. I’ll be sharing recipes, nutritional information, and that sort of thing. Mostly, I think, it’s just an excuse to try new food and take pretty pictures.


So I was talking to some BFA (bachelor of fine arts) friends of mine last night, and this conceptual art exhibit, Shedboatshed, came up. Basically, the artist, Simon Starling, came upon an old shed by the Rhine one day and decided that he would reconstruct it into a boat, row the boat to the museum he was having an exhibit at, and then rebuild his boat into a shed. It won the Turner prize in 2005. I thought it was a neat piece right away just because it automatically made me think of the good old Ship of Theseus paradox about object identity (as much as I hate that kind of metaphysics) – is Starling’s shed at the museum the same shed as the one he found by the river? But other than that, I think it still raises a lot of interesting questions – from ‘what counts as (good) art?’ to ‘in what ways do manufactured objects relate to us specifically, people in general, and the world around us?’. I suggest scrolling down to the bottom of the Tate page (first link) and listening to the audio clips or reading the transcripts from them about Shedboatshed. It’s nice to note the thought behind the piece rather than just dimissing it as a weird, postmodern act of futility.

Hello all. This is my first post since nearly the creation of the blog. For someone who has kept online journals for almost ten years now I have never been fantastic at consistency – writing is something I do few and far between. The grip of exams and moving is long past, and now I’m going to try to post a little more regularly.

Coming up with topics or links that fit within the stream of this blog will I think be more of a challenge than it initially seemed – academia and online geekdom is just as fascinating to me as feminism, prostitutes, and America’s Next Top Model, and I wouldn’t want to marginalize the already diminished level of testosterone present on the blog, or make it too racy by linking to pictures of porn with typical LOLCat phrases superimposed (“mai lovin – u can has it” etc.)- I’m this close, I swear!

However, this particular blog I have been a long-time fan of, although the author post seldomly (give him a break! The combination of two paws and hooman-sized keyboards makes it a challenge!) it’s honest writing from a unique perspective and I can’t deny loving the nature of the source.

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