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This came up randomly in my ethics and environment seminar. It’s pretty high quality.


This morning is all about SEA OTTERS. If you ever have a really terrible miserable day watch these two clips. THEY KILL ME. I am typing this from beyond the grave.

SEA OTTERS HOLDING HANDSawpoeirhaowierhap. Listen for the cute kids saying “mum, are they asleep?” amongst all the “AWWWING.” Like a quaint British novel.

My favorite part is when they fluff their fur, all important-like.

I bet sea otters could take over the world and no one would mind.

I promise that I will get around to posting something substantial on this thing, but for now I think I have to stick with whimsy. I recently discovered Theo Jansen, a kinetic sculptor. This is what his Wikipedia page says about him:

Jansen is dedicated to creating artificial life through the use of genetic algorithms, which simulate evolution inside their code. Genetic algorithms can be modified to solve a variety of problems including circuit design, and in the case of Jansen’s creations, complex systems. Some measure of “fitness” is introduced into the algorithm; in Theo’s case it is to survive on the beach while moving around within two enclosing lines on the wet sand near the ocean and the dry sand at the edge of the beach. Those designs best at the assigned task within the modeled beach environment are bred together and graded again. Over time complex designs emerge which sprout wings and flap in the breeze pressurizing what look like plastic two liter soda bottles. Articulated legs sprout and scuttle across the sand like those of a crab. Jansen uses plastic electrical conduit to make some of the computer’s most promising designs; and he then lets them roam free on the beach, measures their success, and updates his model.

After reading that, I didn’t really get it. You really have to watch this, a commercial Jansen made in collaboration with BMW:

Isn’t that maybe the most beautiful, creepy, amazing thing you have ever seen? There is another here, which Jansen calls The Animaris Rhinoceros.  It’s exactly the kind of aesthetic that I really like but don’t really know exactly how to describe. Imagine a herd of Rhinoceri creeping slowly across a plain, huge and silent. I recommend turning the sound off on youtube and listening to something Radiohead-equivalent when you watch it.

I hope, having seen this, you all have amazing fantastical dreams. Goodnight!

Okay, normally I really don’t like the past. Some day I’ll talk about why. But for now, I want to point you to this, which was most definately from the past. And most definately a hilarious time.

If I had pale hairless legs, I’d have a halloween costume.

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This is perhaps the most amazing video I have ever seen in my entire life. Don’t ask me how I found it; it was a covert operation.


– Synthesizer Pratima