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Most of my artistic skills are extremely uninspired.  I am totally incapable of drawing or painting or doing anything without a good set of instructions.  But, I LOVE good design.  I probably inherited this from my parents, who are fairly obsessive about redecorating my house and love to travel mostly because it gives them new places to shop for neat objects.  Living in residence for my entire university life hasn’t really given me an outlet for any of this, so I’m forced to admire and obsessively list and bookmark ideas for my magical future house with wood flooring and lots of closet space.  The internet is amazing for this, and it gets a little embarrassing when I consider how much time I spend admiring someone else’s innovative new, like, footstool reupholstering idea or something.

Continuing with my favourite bookmarked links, one of my favourite design blogs in Design Sponge.  Perhaps people know about this already, I don’t know.  I don’t like everything featured on it, but there are a few things I really really like.  Example: this clock.  Awesome and beautiful, right?  I know.

I feel like this post just aged me about 40 years so I’m going to sign off now.  But boys who are on this blog, post something!  Or else it will just be me ranting about like, sweaters and cookies for the rest of the year.  Go!

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