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I completely acknowledge the fact that my blogging has devolved into mostly “the internet is sooo cool! check this out!” I promise I’m going to move on to actually content (eventually). But really, McSweeney’s is too awesome to not share. So, um, czech this: Dudes! Did you See the Library They’ve Got Here?

My favourite part:

I’ll sit down at a table across from the big glass windows in the second-floor lounge, so I can get a bit of reflection, check myself out. Maybe catch some chicks checking me out, too. I’ll be all cool and stuff—I’ll have my headphones on, with Nickelback going, and I’ll just keep turning pages. But I’ll know they’re watching. Getting totally hot for my mind.

Har har.


Everyone!  Stop writing your essays and check out Crayon Physics!  Best game ever.

(More extensive updates coming…once I have some time to breathe.)

Guys, I have SO MUCH work to do now and in the next few weeks, but I feel compelled to post this. From kottke:

The Desire Paths Flickr pool. Desire paths are improvised paths built collectively by pedestrians trying to find the shortest way across the grass, like ants laying down pheromone trails to food. I’ve heard of some clever institutions who wait for desire paths to be laid down by pedestrians and then put permanent sidewalks in those places.

There are tons of Desire Paths around UofT and I’m always intrigued by them. There is something rebellious and vaguely romantic about rejecting sidewalks. Do people all naturally seek a similar path? Was it a couple of people who obstinately grouped together and decided to walk the same trail? How long does it take to trample a path? I think about this every day.

I was skirting work of real substance this afternoon by Googling Brit philosopher Colin McGinn (whose contribution to philosophy of mind will be the primary focus of my term paper due in two and half weeks or so) when I stumbled across this. I love PBS like I love my mother. Its documentaries are of fairly decent quality for productions made for public consumption, and most of them are available online like this one. I haven’t listened to or read all of the interviews, but basically, this doc features Bill Moyers talking to a number of luminaries (all writers of some description, I believe) like Salman Rushdie, Margaret Atwood, and Colin McGinn about faith and reason. Like most intelligent people over the age of fifteen, I don’t think that faith and reason are mutually exclusive avenues toward belief. We all dig our heels in somewhere along the ideological terrain and decide that this is where we will make our stand and start constructing shelters for our loves, lives, and hopes. For the most part, I’d like to think that these homes are built of a mixture of various rational materials, but regardless, I think that the ground they stand on must be faith of a kind. We believe in humanity or in God or in Truth or something just that firm because it can’t just be turtles all the way down. We need to stand on something. Anyway, I like PBS docs for somewhat intellectual distraction. I’ll probably watch these while eating lunch or something for the next little while.

The Gender Guesser evaluates a sample of writing and uses a set of criteria to determine the gender of the author for both informal and formal genres. Scroll down on the page – the linguistics & theory behind it is pretty fascinating too! Here’s the results from the sample of my writing from the post below:

“Genre: Informal
  Female = 85
  Male   = 566
  Difference = 481; 86.94%
  Verdict: MALE

Genre: Formal
  Female = 414
  Male   = 298
  Difference = -116; 41.85%
  Verdict: Weak FEMALE. Weak emphasis could indicate European.”

Um, shit!

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Most of my artistic skills are extremely uninspired.  I am totally incapable of drawing or painting or doing anything without a good set of instructions.  But, I LOVE good design.  I probably inherited this from my parents, who are fairly obsessive about redecorating my house and love to travel mostly because it gives them new places to shop for neat objects.  Living in residence for my entire university life hasn’t really given me an outlet for any of this, so I’m forced to admire and obsessively list and bookmark ideas for my magical future house with wood flooring and lots of closet space.  The internet is amazing for this, and it gets a little embarrassing when I consider how much time I spend admiring someone else’s innovative new, like, footstool reupholstering idea or something.

Continuing with my favourite bookmarked links, one of my favourite design blogs in Design Sponge.  Perhaps people know about this already, I don’t know.  I don’t like everything featured on it, but there are a few things I really really like.  Example: this clock.  Awesome and beautiful, right?  I know.

I feel like this post just aged me about 40 years so I’m going to sign off now.  But boys who are on this blog, post something!  Or else it will just be me ranting about like, sweaters and cookies for the rest of the year.  Go!

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