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In the midst of today’s snowstorm I got my wisdom teeth removed. I couldn’t imagine my face any rounder, but it is, and I very closely resemble a very greedy, geeky (the glasses) chipmunk with a ponytail. When I got home and I was waiting for my mom to come back from the pharmacy with pills, I experienced the most intense, excruciating pain ever and curled up in a little sobbing ball. Realization: I can be kind of a baby. Luckily, I now have a steady stream of ibuprofen and codeine. How did people manage to have teeth pulled before the advent of modern medicine? Huge shout out to whatever let me be born in the 20th century. And I get the internet. Score.

I can say that the procedure itself was pretty smooth though. I don’t have very much fear for medical things, and had a good time with the nitrous oxide. I was put completely under, and the last thing I remember was attempting to calculate how much money my orthodontist makes from doing wisdom teeth extractions. Apparently he does one an hour every day around this time of year, and charges $1700 each. Jeez.

Anyway, what are your wisdom teeth stories? From telling people about getting them out this past week, I know everyone loves sharing them. I have enormous amounts of baking I want to do next week and I’m willing myself to get over being able to only eat slurpy liquid things asap. Getting over my face looking like a bouncy ball with a nose would also be cool. Also, I need movie suggestions, because at this rate it looks like I’ll be curled up in my living room for at least another day. Go!